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To Build a Reason | Writing With Confidence

Merry Christmas | Featuring "Write More With Simon K Jones"

Storyletter Prompt: Flip a Common Trope

Interview with Shifra Steinberg

Storyletter Thoughts: What steps have you taken to write like a boss? How do you feel about deadlines?

The Fuller

To Build a Website

Winter Wind

(SRA) The Shooting of Dan McGrew by Robert W. Service

Feeling Thankful | Featuring "Next Draft with Diane Hatz"

(SRA) In the Heart of Darkness

Showcase: Future House Publishing

Abaddon’s Portrait of a Lonesome Shore

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Summer in Antarctica

Storyletter Thoughts: All things NANOWRIMO. Are you attempting it this year? Is it worth it?

Project Biotica: A Survey of the Island - Day 2

The Story Phantom

Interview with J.M. Elliott

To Build a Contest

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All Hallows' Eve | Featuring "Kindling"

The Summer Light

Community of Tomorrow: A Guide to Wellness®

Storyletter Thoughts: Does genre affect your writing? What are the best and worst tropes in genre fiction?

(SRA) From the Loom of the Dead by Elia Wilkinson Peattie

Ireland 2014

Interview with M. S. Arthadian

S6 Contest Winners

To Build a Method

The Weight of the World

Storyletter M&G: Share your projects, updates and meet someone new!

S6 Contest Concludes | Tales of Havek Launch

Project Biotica: A Survey of the Island ~ Day 1

Today is the Day

Interview with Daniel W. Davison

The Enlightened Dream ~ Part 2

Ireland 2014

Storyletter Thoughts: How do you solicit feedback? When do you heed or reject advice?

Drumroll: “Project Biotica” and More

Showcase: Sentinel Creatives

To Build a Submission

The Last Laugh

The Deadline Draws Near

Interview with Elle Griffin

(SRA) The Dream of King Karna-Vootra by Lord Dunsany

New Beginnings | The Quills Writing Conference

Storyletter Thoughts: What is your fuel and where do you find it?

Raptor 3

(SRA) Arrow

What I'm Reading On Substack

Raptor 2

Interview with C.R. Langille

To Build a Podcast


The Grisly Ghosts of Gruesome Time - Chapter 10

Storyletter Thoughts: What's the best way to support indie authors? Are there resources that hold the key to success?

(SRA) A Grammatical Ghost by Elia Wilkinson Peattie

A First Year Rewind | Future Musings

Storyletter Thoughts: What do you like most and least about Substack? How can it be improved?

S6 | Storyletter Substack Short Story Summer Sweepstakes

S6 Contest Submission Form

(SRA) When the Storm Rages

To Build a Substack

Storyletter Thoughts: Can we change the future with stories? Who are the most influential modern fiction writers?

(SRA) The Idle City by Lord Dunsany

Serializing a Novel Online | 1st Annual Storyletter Writing Contest

Storyletter Thoughts: Is the Writing community inexorably tied to the Art community? Do you judge a book by its cover?

Tele-Prompt #2: You’ve been beached…

Storyletter M&G: Introduce yourself and your projects, then meet some new friends!

Dead Stars & Stone Arches Kickstarter Final Stretch

To Build a Habit

(SRA) Glass Tower

I Want to Dream in Color

Iterative Development | Enter the Metaverse

Storyletter Thoughts: Is traditional publishing antiquated? What is your threshold for success?

Tele-Prompt #1: You can't breathe unless I tell you...

The Angel

Featured: Monster Girl Versus the Multiverse

Play this at my funeral....

Storyletter Thoughts: What does the word community mean to you? Is there an advantage to being virtual?

Lofi Girl and the Songs of the World

(SRA) Silent, Oh Silent

To Build a Community

Storyletter Thoughts: Is serializing a story a good way to test out a first draft? Do readers care as long as it's fun to read?

Finding Your Niche | Gift Shop Grand Opening!

Mortimer Greep and the Gears of Sleep

Storyletter Thoughts: Is listening to a book still considered reading? What is your preference?

Storyletter Thoughts: What do you enjoy reading most?


(SRA) Ethereal Gardens of the Vine-Bound Spine

The Storyletter Vault V1.8

Time for Luck!

Ethereal Gardens of the Vine-Bound Spine

A Prayer at the End of All Things

What I'm Reading On Substack

The Enlightened Dream ~ Part 1

(SRA) Burn Bright

The Storyletter Vault v1.7

Time For Go!

Animus Lost

(SRA) My Dog Barks at Ghosts in the Park

Nudging the Apocalypse Just A Tad to The Right

Intro to Storyletter Read Aloud (SRA)

Time for the New Year!

The True and Faithful Account of the Afterlife of the Good Pirate Patrick O'Galloway

The Guardians