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Community first

The Storyletter is a place where readers, writers, artists, and creators of all types can coexist. It’s a community-driven initiative to break away from traditional publishing norms in order to return attention back to writers and their stories.

In order to do this, we’ve designated Wednesday as community day. We host discussion threads, share interviews, and showcase others in the process. We’re dedicated to platforming independent creators of all types in an effort to increase exposure of our members.

Stories funded by you, for you

We hope to effect change in the industry by creating a new way to crowdfund amazing works, all through one platform. To keep everything centralized, The Storyletter will seek funding from its readers here on Substack.

The goal is to showcase high-quality, original fiction from both independent and emerging writers, both on and off the platform. With more paying subscribers, writers can get paid at a higher rate.

The Anthology (Beta)

Throughout the year, The Storyletter will host writing prompt windows. These prompt windows will be the function in which we take submissions. With a streamlined process, and criteria provided, entering the prompt windows will be easier than ever.

Once we reach a submission threshold (between 20 to 30 entries), we’ll then publish the full collection of stories in an anthology. Paid subscribers will then get a copy of the book (version dependent on subscriber tier).

More details on this project coming soon.

Explore free fiction

The Storyletter publishes short fiction and poetry. Genres include science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, thriller, historical fiction, dystopian, utopian, new weird, magical realism, folktales, and other genre-bending tales.

With Substack’s cross-post feature, we can share great stories from other writers on Substack. This way you’re almost always guaranteed a story in your inbox every Saturday.

Submit your story

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The ultimate goal of The Storyletter is to change how we view, publish, and engage with fiction. Traditional publishing can seem daunting and unapproachable, but The Storyletter is bridging the gap between readers, writers and publishers with a community built for all.

We provide writers with a supportive platform to reach readers who desire new and entertaining fiction. Your financial support goes directly into the community, funding even more stories for everyone’s enjoyment.

Join us as we change publishing forever ~ WM

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