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A quick guide to almost everything on The Storyletter. This includes interviews, serial fiction, short stories, flash fiction and poetry.

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Serial Fiction

  • Crocodilian by Winston Malone (Complete) - An aspiring cartographer with the ability to teleport is sent on his first assignment by the guild to the swamp town of Yonledo in order to verify the mayor’s claims that giant, man-eating crocodiles are terrorizing the townsfolk. This steampunk-ish, fantasy, horror novel is set within the world of Havek where dragons and vampyrs are commonplace and people with magical abilities battle between being Blessed or Cursed.

  • Savior of Aemysa Isle by Winston Malone (Complete) - A man with no memory finds himself alone on an island surrounded by water with only one escape: a bridge. The problem is that the bridge is watched by the Guardian and will not allow the man to leave. He survives on the island, but realizes that he’s not as alone as he’d previously imagined when a voice begins to speak to him from beyond reality.

  • A Doge Tail Tale: An Enlightened Dream by Winston Malone (Ongoing) - Doge is on a journey to reach the moon and she will stop at nothing to achieve her dreams. Join Doge and her eccentric entourage as they go against all odds in their attempts to overcome failure.

  • Monster Girl Versus the Multiverse by Joe Golden (First Chapter Only) - This isn't your typical isekai, this isn't your typical litRPG, and this isn't your typical system web novel. This is as weird as it gets. This is Monster Girl versus the Multiverse!

  • Project Biotica: A Survey of the Island by Winston Malone (Ongoing) - Set in the Raptorverse. This photojournalistic series will explore what has become of the island of Natus and its new overlord, Raptor.

Short Stories

  • The Fuller by J.M. Elliott - The day Aristeas mysteriously died, his body also vanished | Ancient historical fantasy

  • Abaddon’s Portrait of a Lonesome Shore by James Castor - How far do you have to run to escape the past? | Mystery Thriller

  • Summer in Antarctica by Brylle Gaviola - A man wanders a futuristic city in the heart of Antarctica searching for a new perspective on life. | Mystery Adventure

  • Community of Tomorrow: A Guide to Wellness® by Winston Malone - Utopian short story written in response to Elle Griffin’s prompt. | Utopian Science Fiction

  • The Story Phantom by Daniel W. Davison and Winston Malone - How do you know you won’t be the next story featured in The Last Stories Ever Told? | Horror

  • The Summer Light by M.S. Arthadian - A group of slaves survive the darkness until a glimmer of light brings hope of a new life.

  • Nudging the Apocalypse Just a Tad to the Right by Winston Malone - What happens when a cataclysmic asteroid is on a collision course with the Earth but the preventative technology at humanity’s disposal merely calculates that no matter the solution annihilation is coming?

  • My Dog Barks at Ghosts in the Park by Winston Malone - The old world has ended, but the ghosts of the past still walk the Earth. One man and his replica dog, Ruckus, visit the park like any other day, but meet a ghost much more real than the others.

  • The Forgotten Complex by Winston Malone - Set in the Helix Rising series, this story follows two Expansion era investigators as they follow up on a report of an illegal robot sighting in the mountains just outside of New Salt Lake.

  • A Dark Reflection by Winston Malone - A man must face his choices after choosing to board the Avalon space cruiser despite knowing that he’s been infected by the one thing humanity is attempting to flee.

  • Lofi Girl and the Songs of the World by Winston Malone - A short story featuring Lofi Girl, written for a Spring story contest hosted by Lofi Girl Records.

  • The True and Faithful Account of the Afterlife of the Good Pirate Patrick O’Galloway by Daniel Davison - A vast, wondrous life awaits this pirate after passing from this realm into the next.

  • Bubby by Daniel Davison - A haunting tale about a young boy visiting his cousin’s home after she has passed away from cancer.

  • A Balkan Folktale by Daniel Davison - Equal parts historical fiction and fantasy, this superstitious tale will have you pondering love and betrayal for days to come.

  • Toothache From Hell by Daniel Davison - This short story follows Adam Abbot as he navigates a tortured existence of bullying, domestic abuse, and the constant physical pain of having his teeth repeatedly fall out with no end in sight.

  • Asylum on the Moon by Daniel Davison - How well do you know the term "lunacy"? In the not too distant future, subjects too dangerous for planet Earth are transferred to an isolated facility on the surface of the moon for treatment and long-term care.

  • Cubed by Joe Golden - The story follows Ruby, a professional puzzler, as she gets teleported into an anime-style puzzle death game on the eve of the World Puzzle Championship to face an unexpected foe and the subsequent emotions that emerge out of disbelief in her own capabilities.

  • The Evolution of Seventeen by Winston Malone - A story following the awakening of a self-aware robot and it’s introduction to the war with humanity. (Helix Rising Series)

  • Glass Tower by Winston Malone - If the whole world is watching you as a slave, might as well start a revolution. A futuristic glimpse at a dystopian world where people have become indentured servants via content creation, living their lives as a show for others to enjoy.

  • Mimicry by Winston Malone - Short sci-fi concept similar to The Blob and Annihilation.

  • A Prayer at the End of All Things by Winston Malone - A piece written for Arthadian Anthologies’ March of the CORE event.

  • Embedded by Winston Malone - An alien parasite infects a human host and slowly gains awareness after an eternity of sleep.

  • Semi-Medieval Times Presents: Sir Odorous Knight (dialogue) by Winston Malone - A dialogue-only comedy in the vein of Monty Python

  • Three Sisters in the Woods by Daniel Davison - Her children are not who they appear to be. Avoid these woods at all costs.

  • Trailer Park Halloween by Daniel Davison - A Halloween party goes awry