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Love this prompt! Here's mine:)


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I just queued up my entry. It'll be mailed out to my subscribers on Friday the 31st. Here it is: https://hwtaylor.substack.com/publish/post/110240615

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I know I'm cutting it close, but here's my entry:


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Thanks for hosting this prompt. I spun this one up this morning but took a little teasing to keep it under the limit. With a few snips I got it there. Let me know what you think. ๐Ÿ˜

Raising Rocabarra


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Okay, exploring the unknown in 999 words. Thanks for the prompt idea!

The Canyon


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Broke the word count on this one, Winston, as couldn't shut down the AI once it got started!


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Here's my entry based on the prompt. I had fun writing this story: https://newworlds.substack.com/p/beneath-a-darkened-reef

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Thanks so much for this great initiative @thestoryletter - here's my Flash entry, 'Street scene before the miracle':


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