Storyletter Thoughts: What do you like most and least about Substack? How can it be improved?

Midjourney’s idea of a miniature schnauzer…

As I near a year of publishing on Substack, I wonder what it is that motivated me to keep writing past my usual slump on other platforms. There’s an invigorating energy emanating from the service, and I’m like a surfer paddling to gain enough momentum to ride the wave. Or, more likely, I’ve conquered some doubts about what I want to do and the coincidental timing of finding a platform I like has created a perfect storm of opportunity.

Either way, we are out here together battling the choppy surf, or relaxing our feet in the sand (you can tell I just got back from vacation). I’m curious, what do you find to be the largest boon to your experience on Substack? And what is hampering your ability to break out of a rut? Maybe we can share knowledge or brainstorm a fix. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts! ~ WM