Storyletter Thoughts: Is the Writing community inexorably tied to the Art community? Do you judge a book by its cover?

I love art in all of its forms, especially when there’s such unique style and character that you can recognize the artist immediately. I’m particularly a fan of fantasy and sci-fi book covers, sometimes buying them just to have them in my collection (looking at you Dune Deluxe Collector’s Edition)

This topic can be superficial and quite subjective, but I’m curious to hear how you all think about book covers.

If you’re a writer, do you hire an artist to bring your work to life? How do you feel about the relationship between writer and artist? Or is thinking about promoting your story in that manner frustrating?

Readers, do you judge a book by its cover? Would you read a story that had no cover at all? What are some of your favorite covers?

Lastly, do we have any artists among us in the Storyletter community? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts! ~ WM