Good for you, Winston! This all sounds exciting. Best of luck with it :-)

I haven't made firm plans yet on publication of OWAW because I'm still deciding between publishing this year or waiting until the trilogy is complete and publishing all three books together. I welcome recommendations if anyone wants to weigh in!

Book 2 is being revised and should be posted this year, but Book 3 is really just a rough draft at this stage, so I really have to concentrate on that now as well. Lots to think about!

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How much left do you have to write?

I'm trying to strike some balance between getting this Substack off the ground and finishing the outline for the novel I started back in 2020. I've already written part of it, but am trying to plan ahead for the massive overhaul it needs to be good.

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I'm curious of the novels you've finished, is there one in particular you plan to publish? Anything you can share about genre or audience? The way you set small goals ended up being a life changer for me. When I got back into writing, I committed to writing every day, but only a few paragraphs or a page or so. It took me a few months before I felt like I could write a full short story.

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