Material ideas to get set up:

Products - a book, specially-designed merchandise, etc.

Table (preferably 6') - need a lot of room for placing materials on display

Table cloth (preferably with design) - something eye-catching and explains the concept

White canopy (with 25lb weights for the legs) - due to color restrictions at some markets

Chair - have to sit because some markets require you to stay the whole day

Card reader - have set up beforehand so that the process is seamless

Retractable table sign - with QR code for easy access

Retractable banner - for indoors or calm weather days

Wagon for carrying everything - one of those big ones

Licensing is required for certain vendors.

Insurance is required by certain markets.

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We do have a farmer's market by us that is popular, but I think it's restricted to produce and naturally sourced items. No crafts because the city has an entire art festival in the summer. In May I'm taking part in our city library's author fair. It's gotten more popular over the years, but we'll see if anything comes out of it. I haven't done anything with local bookstores or anything like that. I think that will be a part of my next book release is getting into that and seeing if it leads anywhere.

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Testing out a farmer's market for selling books is definitely an idea I intend to explore. You're already meeting people who are there looking to buy. If they are book lovers, the odds are high that they will take a chance on new local authors who set up shop at the market.

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I went to a festival last year and saw a bunch of vendors selling their wares, and I thought the same thing. That perhaps when I had enough books that I could set up a booth there one day. I can see farmers markets or even flea markets being an option as well. I know at the comic-con I went to last year, I saw many authors with their own booths. It would be pretty much the same thing.

I think it's a good idea.

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There are three separate farmer’s markets where I live and from the market rules I’ve read, authors can’t really utilize them. Items under the craft section must be completely handmade, even a store tshirt screen printed with art doesn’t qualify.

Even if you managed to qualify and the jury accepts you, there’s a $30 application fee, a $50 annual vending fee, and a weekly $40 booth fee. Plus 2% of gross revenue goes to them. A bit much in my opinion.

The ones here also require you to have a state business license, $90 minimum, with additional fees for certain locations.

I still have been considering doing one, but even with a wide selection of low price merchandise to balance my higher priced paintings, I’m not sure I’d break even let alone profit.

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I never thought about that but it's an interesting idea. I grow my own fruits and veggies, so I don't go to my local farmers markets and I have no idea if they do arts and crafts stuff. It might be worth checking out, but I'm not sure I could sacrifice my weekends either way. I've been trying to talk myself into getting more involved with local bookstores and libraries for networking but I'm such a hermit and busy with all my other stuff that it always ends up being the last thing on my list...

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I live near one, and they have a pop up market night for queer creators and creators of color. There’s usually a musician or two, as well. It’s a cool space.

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We call them Festivals or Fest here in Florida. Arts & Craft Festivals, Usually a wide variety of vendors setting up small 8x8 tents and tables, a great place to interact with local people and sell your books. https://m.facebook.com/events/761542138814900?mibextid=ykz3hl

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I haven't promoted my writing or my classes at farmer's markets, and I'm (mostly) not a fiction writer. But I feel similarly to you in feeling that there's a particular power in networking on the ground, and I've recently started to make more efforts to meet with people face to face, drop flyers off at coffee shops, and think through other ways to build a local network.

I'm really curious to follow this discussion!

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