Hello, Storyletter creators and readers! I'm Fallon, the DIY editor, and I help fiction authors and memoirists develop authentic stories for humans one step at a time. My primary focus is on teaching basic principles of self-editing using detailed manuscript evaluations and collaborative conversations to bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to the writing process. If you're a writer who wishes developmental edits were a bit more collaborative, we should chat.

I recently had my first flash-fic acceptance, the release date of which is TBD, and I am thrilled! I also maintain a free Substack that has a few experimental flash pieces.

Nice to meet you all!

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Hello, everyone. I'm Katya. I'm still learning my way around Substack. I've started to serialize my novel 'The Hermit' on Substack this January. It's a contemporary tale about an aging New York finance bro's spiritual crisis. I live on West Coast now, but I spent more than a decade in NY working in financial industry. I wrote my novel to be anti-Wolf Of Wall Street and anti-Big Short and other recent Wall Street fiction, as neither of those focus on the inner worlds of their characters, but only on surface manifestations. I was more interested in depicting what goes on in an average finance bro's head, what's behind his bravado and hubris. Right now I'm on Chapter 4, with 21 more chapters to go (published once a week every Sunday). Some of the chapters are also illustrated by me. Thank you.

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Hi, I'm Ben. I just retired Jan 1st, so I guess that means I can write full time if I want. I just finished my NaNoWriMo Challenge and am in the process of revising it. I write on Scribbler, which I started in June. I write long short stories that are all over the map. First World War, Second World War, Japanese invasion of Manchuria, Congo Independence, Mau Mau uprising. I enjoy writing long stories and hope I can find like-minded readers. I'm tickled pink to be here and hope you look into my page.

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Hello, fellow writers!

I tend to write magical realism set in sundry historical settings. On my Substack page I’ve also made available some sci-fi, horror, and a few works of poetry. Every now and then I write an essay. I’m still new to Substack but I really like this platform and the community. Here’s a link to the list of chapters for my novel that I’m about a third of the way through on. It’s called “The Witch in the Mountain Pass” and is set in northern Greece in the 1930s: https://danielwdavison.substack.com/p/the-witch-in-the-mountain-pass-list

Separately, I’m posting the prologue for a novel I wrote last year tomorrow. It’s called “Snakes and Ladders and the Destinies of Unborn Universes”. I’m really excited about this one. The entire process of writing it was completely spontaneous and unpremeditated. It’s a fusion of sci-fi and magical realism with elements of dark comedy to boot.

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Hello, I am Cody Langille. I'm a retired Air Force vet and I write horror as well as run Timber Ghost Press. I've been writing for over 25 years, run the local chapter of the Horror Writers Association, and like all things spooky.

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Hello, everyone! I'm Lori, and I'm pretty new to writing. As a child I loved writing stories, but as I grew older I became more self-conscious about everything and stopped writing. Now that I'm 40 years old, I figure I might as well start sharing the story ideas that have been stuck in my brain. My substack, Beyond ForZora, contains a few short essays about me, but I've started posting chapters of my very first novella, In Ruins.


I would love any and all feedback on this! I've already got an idea for my next story, so I hope to begin working on that soon. "Beyond ForZora" is derived from my small business, https://ForZora.art, which was my little project during COVID lockdown. Feel free to check that out as well for some of my custom artwork! It's great to be here and to "meet" so many of you!

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Hey y’all,

I'm T Van Santāna. I write really weird and rambling speculative fiction that veers into erotica, horror, and memoir sometimes. My main work is one giant meganovel called The Secret of Secrets, but it’s made up of something like 30 novels and some short stories and a screenplay and whatever else ends up in there. The first book is in print and you can buy it on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1925819671/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1

Or Barnes & Noble here: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/everything-fails-t-van-santana/1129015353?ean=9781925819670

You can also have it delivered to your local B&N, and your library should be able to get it for you.

What I’m working on now is the middle section, a kudzu plot, gonzo metafictional novel called Teresa’s Backbone, which I’m putting out through Substack. Here is the link to the latest readers' guide: https://tvansantana.substack.com/p/reading-the-backbone

Despite appearances and my in character literary voice, I am very friendly and talkative, so don’t hesitate to reach out and say hey!

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Hello Storytellers,

I’m Victor David, originally from the states, now an ex-pat living in central Mexico. I have several fruit trees, and three dogs adopted from the street, the most recent a happy puppy who just chewed up a couch. Oh, joy.

I like to write odd, thoughtful, edgy, at times metaphysical fiction that hopefully provokes reflection upon our shared human condition. They don’t fit any particular genre. Mainstream and I parted ways long ago, and we’re both okay with that.

I founded and ran an online poetry / fiction magazine for several years, which has many great pieces from a variety of authors, and is still up, although inactive.

I just found Storytellers a short while ago, and am glad I did. Happy to be here.

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Hi All!

My main project is a historical trilogy set on the Eurasian steppe in the 5th c. BCE among horse nomads known as Scythians. My protagonist is what ancient Greeks would call an Amazon, but she's no myth or Wonder Woman. She's a nomad on a mission to collect a man's scalp. I've posted Book 1 (Of Wind and Wolves) here on my Substack, and I plan on serializing Book 2 (The Gifts of Heaven) in a few weeks. I'm hoping to revise them both for publication in print, and finish Book 3 (Peace Weaver). The rest of my newsletter is more or less for context. I'm also experimenting a little with different genres and styles... with mixed results!

Nice to meet you all! I look forward to checking out your projects whenever I can :-)

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Hello all. I'm Leigh. I write mostly historical horror short stories, but occasionally I'll dabble in other genres. I've been writing for 14 years now, but have only felt like my stuff was polished enough to share publicly in the past year or two. I also have a novel going that I will probably finish someday. It's a ghost story set in the USSR in the early 50s. A friend of mine described it as a cross between The Turn of the Screw and 1984, and that's actually pretty accurate.

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Hey peoples, I write gritty, soulful, literary fiction here: https://adrianconway.substack.com - flashes, shorts, and my novella The Pelican Crossing which will be out with Troubador in late spring. Based in St Albans, UK with my fam and an imaginary dog. Really appreciate this space and really hope Substack can revolutionise the fiction market! Good vibes.

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Hey everyone!

I'm Austin, currently working on the Protopian, a substack newsletter mainly concerned with exploring the question "How can we best build better futures?". It's part political philosophy, part literary review, but mostly just me rambling. Currently drawing a lot of inspiration from Elle Griffin's Utopian Collective project and all the discussion being had over there.

For me fiction writing is also a way to explore themes that are hard to articulate in non-fiction writing, and I think any good philosophy has a close relationship with storytelling, which is part of the reason I'm here! Really cool what Winston has put together, and happy to see what everyone else is working on here.

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It’s so great to e-meet all of you! I just started my Substack officially TODAY as a birthday celebration 🥳🍾💃🏻 and am very excited to serialize my zany adventure comedy, Over the Top Secret.

I live in Las Vegas but was born in Florida and am the oldest of five loud siblings. I’m obsessed with and fascinated by storytelling in every medium (from advertising and video games to theme parks and movies!) and loooove to travel. I just got back from a trip to Japan and now I’m in San Francisco!

I’m like a mentos in a coke bottle with how genuinely enthusiastic I am about everything, so please excuse the exclamation points (I swear I’m not yelling at you, lol).

Favorite things in no particular order:

•Playing pickleball outside with the fam

•Secret doors

•Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

•Treasure hunts

•Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios, FL 🤩

•Mysteries and mythology


•To-do lists and checking things off them


•Learning about history, how things are made, and humans in general

•Entertaining others

•Discovering how to best take care of myself


Good luck with your writing and nice to meet you all! 👋

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Hi, I'm Will Edwards. Grew up in New England, currently on the west coast of the U.S. I write fantasy and do hobbyist research into mythology, particularly on the Aztec god Tezcatlipoca. My current fiction project is styled like the script and walkthrough for a fighting game, it's being serialized on my substack (https://warthogreport.substack.com).

In addition to that I'm working on various other projects, including revision of a short story and planning for a Dracula sequel. And I'm doing the editing for the story of an indie fighting game.

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I'm a full-time writer and translator from France. I've been writing Science-Fiction and Fantasy for over 30 years. In French, at first, though I decided to switch to English in 2020. I started my Substack a year later and published my first novel in 2022.

I have many projects for this year. The big challenge is to write six novels (I said write, not publish, LOL), including the three sequels to my debut novel.

There will be more free short stories for my Substack, too, and I will keep writing my space opera serial as well.

Should be fun!

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Hi, I'm John. Nice to meet you all. :-)

A little about me:

I live in Utah where I work as a sports journalist for the Associated Press and Athlon Sports. I've worked in the media for two decades since graduating from the University of Utah. In addition to Utah, I've also lived in Louisiana and Texas. I love to spend time outdoors whenever I get the chance. I enjoy hiking, photography, stargazing, and a host of other outdoor activities.

I'm an indie author. I've published five novels and two short stories through my imprint Samak Press. My main genres are science fiction and horror, but I plan to write stories in other genres as well. I love storytelling. Few things give me greater happiness than sharing the worlds and characters I've created in my imagination with others. I'm in the early stages of expanding Samak Press into a full-fledged publishing company which will eventually produce the works of other indie authors as well. I'm always looking to evolve and grow as a storyteller and enjoy connecting with other authors and readers.

I write a substack called Strange New Worlds (https://newworlds.substack.com) that offers a mix of original short fiction, poetry, and articles. Looking forward to getting to know you all better.

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Hi everyone! Great to see so many people here!

I'm a writer living in Oxford, UK, and I also run a flash fiction competition here. Most of what I have published has been flash fiction, and the past few years I have been trying to write novels - mysteries and whatnot. But it hasn't gone so well... I had a lot of false starts last year on novels, even a novella, and I think I'm still a bit too afraid to get writing again. I decided to have a go at self publishing but it went horribly. Reviews on Netgalley weren't what I had hoped and so I pulled it. I am having a hard time recovering from it, and whether I am cut out for this sort of gig. Sigh.

In summary - I love hiking, toads, curry and crafting! I can't stand peas, and apparently I shuffle more than walk.

Looking forward to 'hanging' out with some other writers here!

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Got a lot of people happening here. I hope I can keep up.

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Hi 👋

I'm Matthew, but go by M. S. Arthadian! I live in Southern California and am the Loremaster and Creative Director for Arthadian Anthologies! It's been some time since I've joined one of these threads (mainly bcuz of how busy I am with all my projects) but it's fantastic to see all the new faces here in the Storyletter community!

Right now I'm working on developing a game module for my online TTRPG Reborn in Power and building my own community around it. I have a 150+ podcast series that dives into The CORE Realms, a new expanding universe I aim to turn into a shared universe for many other creators to take part in the expansion of.

If you enjoy audio fiction or even Tabletop RPGs, I think you'd get a kick out of what I'm developing. And I look forward to seeing what you all are making as well!

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Hello everyone! 👋🏾

It’s my first time here and I feel like I stumbled into a party and vaguely recognize some folks already here. I’m from NJ and have worked in healthcare for almost 15 years. I’ve always written in some form, but decided to start up a few years ago. My Substack is my call into the void in hopes someone will hear it. Happy to commune with the folks who have.

I’m usually publishing essays, short fiction, and poetry, but published a longer piece, “Ithaka”, which was released in the fall of 2022 with accompanying audio. I’m focusing now on the subject of world building and exploring all the ways in which a society is formed and maintained. I’ll be releasing an essay on it soon. I like writing about music or memory, family generations, and the dark side of my emotions. I’m proud of my body of work.

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Hello everyone,

I participated on the last intro, so I'm just updating here. I write super-hero stories, Mega's in my universe, and random shorts whenever stories pop into my head. My substack is not full of content yet because I like to finish my stories first and release chapters later. My universe is not YA, but made for adults. There is nothing amorous, but there is violence, so you've been warned lol.

It is on my bucket list to write something Winston can champion. :O) I had the beginning of a short but then it just floated out of my head. So, lesson learned, write everything down.

My first book Fiasco of Adventures was just published in December and you can find it at these retailers on my linktree: https://linktr.ee/megacosm?utm_source=linktree_profile_share&ltsid=5a71fbde-b722-4544-b12d-aec0e62dc0f6

To stretch my legs, I recently branched out into writing articles, my first on Bleeding Fool here: https://bleedingfool.com/culture/modern-cartoons-cant-be-trusted-heres-the-best-80s-toons-for-kids/

Nice to meet everyone!

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My people, I am your fresh open book that writes itself through your awe ....

sending friendly regards from Nicaragua, heavily sanctioned, where I scrape by at the Gates of Hell, the Masaya Volcano, at the very bleeding heart of Central America. Hell, sweet hell, err, home. I meant home, sweet hell!


I have decided to chime in with something transcendentally relevant. Enjoy, you do not have to pledge anything, my efforts are always free.

Left to my own devices and salivating in the tropical scorcher, in the erupting drought season, the promised $20 bill of rights rain has not even started yet for me here on Subtract. It seems like nobody´s gold pennies can reach my flying BullShip skyhigh. Yet I stay working Job, patience is my virtue upon the rack, tried, drawn, and quartered as vice driven through the rusty nails of my faith .... until I, one-armed, cannot carry my heavy cross anymore.

Substack is the greatest platform where I can share my massive varied witing stuff. I have quite a few posts already here with 60 subscribers and growing every day as people are finally noticing my stranded S.O.S. sign on the beach! Thank God, thanks to you good people. God bless you!






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