When the Storm Rages


When the storm rages, I feel you in my presence.

When the storm rages, you’re the warm rain that caresses my skin.

When the storm rages, you’re the rushing wind that speaks into my ear.

When the storm rages, you’re the mighty clouds that fill the heavens with your glory.

When the storm rages, you’re the migrating gulls,

the crashing waves,

the bending trees,

and the rustling of their leaves.

When the storm rages, you’re the lightning flash against the blackest of oceans,

the thunderous boom that beats the heart in my chest,

the distant rumble that reverberates like a longing undeterred.

When the storm rages, I fear nothing except its departure,

for when it no longer stirs, I’m reminded of your absence. 

My only consolation is that another storm will inevitably rage again,

they always do.

And when it does, you’ll be there.

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The cool thing about these for me is that each one has a unique code on the back of the metallic piece that identifies the FigPin identity, so when you type in the code on the app, it will show you the information for it such as print number, batch number, the order in which you claimed it, and the percent of similar Pins claimed. All of this info is then put into an algorithm that gives you a collector score (for whatever that’s worth) and can adjust over time as more people collect the same Pin.

Anyway, they have a ton of iconic brands and franchises to choose from and if you’re a collector at heart like I am, you’ll soon find yourself trying to get as many as you can haha. Especially the limited edition ones. Check out the website here!

Stock Pick: Tesla

So Tesla is my stock pick this time because I think it has stagnated for the most part over the last few months but it’s likely gearing up for an steeper upward trend soon, even if it goes down temporarily. I say that because they recently unveiled the Full Self-Driving, or FSD, capability update subscription. So instead of the initial $10,000 when purchasing the vehicle, they will have drivers pay $200/month. This is significant because Tesla currently brings in roughly $20b in profit per year, but some analysts are saying that FSD alone will bring in more than that, practically doubling Tesla’s yearly profits in the next few years. Of course, profits means more investors and higher returns on the stock market. Alas, I’m not a financial advisor and this is not advice, just what I’m picking and why. Invest responsibly.

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