Trailer Park Halloween

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Trailer Park Halloween by Daniel W. Davison

Caroline didn’t know the couple who hosted the Halloween party. It had been held in a double-wide trailer near a man-made pond close to the I-70 offramp. 

She told the cops all she could remember, trembling and covered in blood, when they arrived.

The other guests stood aghast outside the trailer, peering over the cops and paramedics on the other side of the yellow tape, staring at the SWAT van. The trailer door was open and the ambulance and police lights lit up the trailer’s aluminum siding.

Caroline was dressed like a slutty nurse. 

“Everyone was drunk,” she said, ”but having a good time. You know? I was sitting next to the owner’s wife. She was on a kitchen stool they dragged into the main room. People were making out in their bedroom in the back and talking and hanging out all over the trailer—inside and here out front.”

“So how’d it happen?” The detective asked.

“I don’t know their names, but his wife starting yelling at him, and he was just sitting there in that demon mask in the corner of the sofa and yelling back at her, called her a bitch and all that—I didn’t really hear what she said back to him, I turned around because someone asked me if i wanted another beer and then people started screaming and saying ‘don't do it, don’t do it’. I turn back around and he’s got a pistol that evidently was pulled out from under the light stand next to the sofa. And he just shot her! And we all ran out!”

The detective told Caroline she was brave for being able to tell him what happened so lucidly. They took statements from the other partygoers, who corroborated Caroline’s account.

When the SWAT team got no response from the shooter, they lobbed a smoke grenade into the room and entered. The squad leader shot a bullet into the suspect who was still sitting on the couch from which he shot and killed his wife, who lay on the floor dressed as a witch. The suspect did not respond to the shot. Everyone had agreed that the suspect had only fired the pistol once. The SWAT team disarmed the suspect, seized him and dragged him from the trailer. He was loaded into the van and the squad leader pulled the demon mask from his face. The unmasked face was putrid and rotting. The corpse had been dead for at least a week.

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