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Two Months Strong

Happy Saturday

Wow! Two months have gone by since I started a Substack. Time flies. We’re now up to 37 wonderful readers. So glad you’ve joined in on this journey! And for those that are sharing The Storyletter with others, THANK YOU!

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So far in the span of two months I’ve published 12 unique pieces to include 4 poems, 5 flash fictions and 2 short stories. The remaining one, Crocodilian, is turning out to be a novelette since it’ll be pushing 20,000 words (Chapter 6 needed some tweaking, but that is coming soon, I promise) and will be 10-11 chapters once it’s all said and done.

I’ve got a ton of stories in the queue and if you’d like to gain access to that (Writing Queue), consider subscribing for as little as $5/month or $50/annual. Subscribers get a monthly update to what I’m writing and a sneak peak into what they’re about. But your support is the best way to keep all my fiction free here on Substack.

Oh, I almost forgot. I have an upcoming story called Deadly Bond in the works and I recently received the cover for it from an amazing artist named Giedrius (@neutronboar on IG). I can’t express how insane it looks. Looking forward to writing and sharing Deadly Bond, especially with the new beautiful cover. Also, check out Giedrius’ other work, very impressive stuff. I, too, have an Instagram profile for The Storyletter where I post my story covers and any updates.


On November 22-23, I’ll be attending the Dragonsteel MiniCon by Brandon Sanderson here in Utah. Tickets are available on the website. He’s releasing his third book of the Skyward series called Cytonic and if you can attend you can receive a signed, numbered copy of the hardcover version. I did this for his 4th Stormlight Archive book and it was such a great time. Man, that was when he read an excerpt for Skyward book one. Either time is flying or he’s just a prolific writer. I suppose both are true. If you’re going, let me know!


There’s another Substack author that I’ve been reading by the name of Elle Griffin, and her work/perspective is phenomenal. She writes non-fiction posts regarding the publishing industry as a whole and there are some interesting insights into how to approach said industry. She also started posting her novel, Obscurity, serially on her Substack, one chapter per week. I highly recommend, if you have some free time, to go check out her posts!


Last thing for today, I’ve been listening to a lot of wordless music lately while I write and I stumbled across the Ambient Relaxation playlist on Spotify, and it’s been great for getting into a good headspace to amplify my concentration. If you’re having trouble relaxing lately and need a break, throw on some of those chill tunes and read or meditate. Unplug from the matrix for a little bit. ;)

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Until next time! ~ WM