Glass Tower

Flash Fiction

The world can see everything I do and say. I chose this in order to make a living. My life has become a show for others. I laugh, I get likes. I cry, I get downvoted. I’ve learned to navigate the glass tower where I live in such a way that it promotes specific lifestyles and ideas, but, ultimately, they are not mine. They simply increase my chances of staying alive, and at this point living for others has become the only way.

Or is it?

Glass towers dominate the view on the horizon. It’s beautiful and yet sickening all at the same time. A rage builds within me. I forget what I’m doing. I forget why I’m here. I let out a sudden scream, and the drones–the always recording cameras outside the glass walls–hover closer. They are watching, waiting. Their analytics of me are probably going all screwy. I look directly at them, fed up with their incessant gaze, and punch the glass. I’m alerted that I’m trending now, but not in a good way. I’m wrecking their perfect illusion.

The drones turn away. I watch them as they gravitate to the floors above and below me. What has happened? Am I banned? I punch the glass again, sending lightning bolt cracks to splinter in every direction. My split reflection is an accurate portrayal of a truly shattered person. No one cares. No one ever did. I go to leave the glass tower with my purpose here no longer valid, but I can’t. The door is locked.

The glass on all sides fades to black, hiding me from the rest of the world. No witnesses. The door opens, but not for me, for them. Glass men enter, their bodies simultaneously shimmering yet translucent. I’ll be made into glass, they say. Glass means no one will see me as a person anymore. Glass means I’ll be invisible. Glass means I’ll be the foundation of their new world. Unless I fight back. Unless I break the glass. After all, I’ve managed to do it once already.

How hard could it be?


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Update from Winston:

If you’re curious as to what I’ll be publishing in the future, I’m currently working on a set of short stories that all share the same world called Havek. In this world, there are angels and demons, dragons, vampires, medieval knights, solar energy technologies, monsters, magic and much, much more! The stories span different ages and cultures along the planet’s vibrant timeline to include massive wars between factions, the dark period when light itself was snuffed out by beings known as the Vanquishers, and that time when a swamp town was terrorized by giant crocodiles.

If this interests you, I hope you stick around for a bit. I’ll be posting a majority of the content for free for your enjoyment. I will also be posting flash fiction and poetry that may, or may not, be set in the world of Havek, but I’ll annotate as such. If you ever want to like or comment, feel free. I’ll be more than happy to write back!

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